Auto feeders can cause jams and streaks. We digitally capture each photo in high resolution by hand!

Color Correction

Before color correction
Before color correction
After color correction
After color correction













Memories fade and so do photographs, which is why each photograph is color corrected, and basic adjustments are made to ensure the best quality reproduction.

Images are then saved and delivered to you on a photo disc which can be a CD or DVD, depending on the quantity of photographs. This disc is cross platform, PC/MAC, and includes your images in full resolution, as well as a user friendly slide show for viewing.

$    .45   per photo or slide image
$ 5.00  for each additional disc copy

Photo Restoration

After minor restoration
After restoration
Before minor restoration
Before restoration
Before restoration
Before restoration
After restoration
After restoration

Photo restoration quoted on a per image basis

We scan slides and negatives too!


Video Montage from Photos
“take your photo project to the next level”

Once your photos are digital, we can create a customized video montage on DVD  that can be viewed in a computer or on your TV.  The finished video can also be output as a digital file that can be uploaded for online viewing.  These montages can be produced with a variety of styles, from basic dissolving from one photo to the next, to the same highly sophisticated techniques used in television and film.

[table style=”minimal”]

Package Price Photos Approx. Length Song Limit
Basic $125 up to 50 4-5 minutes 1-2
Enhanced $175 51-100 8-10 2-3
Deluxe $250 101-150 10-12 3-4


No charge if you supply CDs.
$1.50 per song if not supplied

Digital Video Clips:
$5 per clip

Extra DVD copies:
$10 each

For More Information, Please Contact Us!

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